Veronika Gaszner majored in the Television Production BA program at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest, then continued her studies in the Documentary Film Directing MA in 2015. She has been working in the media as video and film producer since 2010. She has been credited in five documentaries as production manager, in Asia Dér’s Burdened by the Past as a producer. She has taken part in several video productions: she has been a post-production editor and first assistant of the director in RTL Klub’s two productions (Farm, Oltári csajok), and she is also a permanent editor at Bridge Budapest and HIPA. In 2015 she was an editor for the news on RAI 3, where she was part of a traveling crew that followed the refugee-wave for the Italian channel. She is the editor-in-chief for Business Class magazine since 2016. She has been working on numerous films and series along with Balázs Lévai (Karcolatok, Örökké tank, Behálózva - a series which was programmed on Spektrum TV). She took part in the production of many commercials, image films and music videos in different positions (editor, production manager).
Larry (Unit Production Manager, feature film in post-production, 2020)
Tündérország (Production Manager, TV documentary, 2019)
Bátrak földje (First Assistant Director, TV show, 2018)
Don Juan kopaszodik (Second Assistant Director, feature film, 2019)
Oltári csajok (First Assistant Director, TV show, 2017)
Burdened by the Past  (Producer, TV documentary, 2017)
Véletlen forradalmár (Production Manager, TV documentary, 2017)
Borsodi fecske (Director, short documentary, 2015)
Condemned to Live (Production Manager, TV documentary, 2015)
Mindörökké tank (Editor, documentary, 2015)
Barbie Baby (Director, short documentary, 2014)
A vizsga (Director, short documentary, 2013)