Sári Haragonics has graduated at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest with an MA in documentary film directing. She is also an honours graduate in media production at the University of Bedfordshire in the UK. Her graduation film, Coming face to face is about what inner springs can one still find inside the family to overcome pain and accept the absence of a Mother. The film has been screened at several festivals and won the ZOOM-IN competition at the Verzio International Documentary Festival in 2015. Sari continues that path in her next documentary-feature, Don’t worry, Sári! about the absence of mothers in her family and how that is affecting their family dynamics. She has recently started her Doctoral studies researching how participatory video can affect our social relations – focusing on underprivileged children and youngsters.
Her Mothers (co-director, feature-length documentary, 2020)
Coming Face to Face (director, short documentary, 2015)
Culture-Face (director, portraits documentary, 2004)