Investigation about 10 drug-induced hours missing from my life. 10 hours in the hands of strangers. 7 years later it is time to know the truth. I have been confronted with a hole in my memory, verging on the border of dream and reality. In 2009 I was studying in Denmark. One night I met two Hungarian guys who studied at the local university. The last thing I remember, they were handing me a drink. The next day I woke up at the police station. I couldn’t remember the past ten hours. The police told me that I was probably given GHB drug and I could press charges if I wanted. But all I wanted was to hide from the outside world. I felt terribly ashamed. I was too scared to ask anything so I still don’t know exactly what happened to me. I just buried these feelings deep inside me, as so many women with similar experiences do all around the world. Until now!
cast and crew
Director: Krisztina Meggyes
Director of Photography: Ágnes Pákozdi
Producer: Noémi Veronika Szakonyi
Sound Mixer: Eliza Zolnai
Editor: Flóra Erdélyi
Composer: Szabolcs Mátyássy
MISSING 10 hours has been supported by HBO Europe,
Hungarian National Film Fund, Creative Europe MEDIA