Máté Artur Vincze is a freelance filmmaker, who graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest in 2012. The hands-on courses taught him not only the theoretical part of communication and video production but also ways to combine his storytelling ambitions with the world of digital media. He quickly fell in love with documentaries and continued his studies in the Directing Documentaries M.A. program. He graduated in 2015 with Separated, a short documentary about the relationship between a biological mother who loses her five children and a foster mother who starts to take care of them. The documentary was screened at numerous festivals and was part of a national campaign initiated by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union. 
In 2017, Máté got accepted to the Graduate Filmmaking program at New York University (NYU) Tisch School of Arts where he's currently a thesis student. In his final year, he worked as a Graduate Associate. He mentored 1st and 2nd year students and provided technical and organizational assistance to the faculty in camera, editing and sound classes. He currently works on his thesis film and his first feature-length documentary about international adoption that he shoots for 12 years. The film follows the upbringing of three Hungarian Roma siblings who were adopted to the United States.
Monday's Child (writer-director, short fiction, 2019)
Desiree (writer-director, short fiction, 2018)
Rendezvous (writer-director, short fiction, 2017)
Shelter in the North (co-director, short documentary, 2017)
Burdened by the Past (producer, TV documentary, 2017)
Little Ones (director, feature length documentary, in development/production, 2018)
Pig Slaughter (producer, short film, 2016)
Bad Boys' Island (co-director, short documentary, 2015)
Separated (director, short documentary, 2015)​​​​​​​