Judit Ember was an artist and sociologist. Her childhood experiences made her a sensitive person who grasps the complexity of social conditions in an emphatic way, yet her films were banned from screening in socialist Hungary and did not get to be seen by broad audiences. Her body of work transpires a strong personality who takes an unaccustomed path, challenges status quo, and was deeply concerned with human suffering. Asia Dér creates a deep and punctual film about Judit Ember, a filmmaker who did not compromise neither as an artist nor as a person. The film is seeking an answer to a difficult question: what is the price of artistic truth? How was someone able to make films in the 1970-80s in a way that they are more actual today than ever?
cast and crew
Interviewees: Ibolya Fekete, József Ferenczi, Gyula Gazdag, Gábor Gelencsér, Ferenc Grunwalsky, Dr. László Helmeczi, Erzsébet Kremper, Ágnes Losonczi, Lilla Mátis, Jánosné Mendler, Lóránd Mertz, László Rajk, András Stark, Erzsébet Szilágyi
Director: Asia Dér
Producer: Veronika Gaszner, Noémi Veronika Szakonyi, Máté Artur Vincze
Director of Photography: András Táborosi, Zágon Nagy
Editor: Sári Haragonics
Sound Mixer: Viktor Lente
Composer: Andor Sperling