Asia Dér graduated as a documentary director from the DOCnomads MA program. Her graduation film was nominated for the best short film at the Hungarian Film Festival. Currently she is doing her doctoral studies about how the relation of the director and the main character effects the dramaturgy and the psyche in longitudinal documentaries. She is working on her second feature length documentary, I haven’t died, about a middle aged man, who is aiming to face his true self afters surviving pancreatic cancer. She participated with her films at ZagrebDox Pro, DOCCIRCLE, and the Docu Rough Cut Boutique. She is a presidium member of the Hungarian Documentary Association.
I Haven't Died (director, feature-length documentary, in production, 2020)
Her Mothers (co-director, feature-length documentary, 2020)
Letters from Mom (director, experimental short documentary, 2016)
Burdened by the Past (director, TV documentary, 2017)