In 1987 my brother was kidnapped by his own father, who was a possible agent in the communist Hungary. The only way my mother could survive was to bury this tragedy deep within herself and start a new life with my father. I was born into this dark burden she was carrying. Since my childhood I have been searching for my brother everywhere. After long years, I finally found him in Brussels in 2007.  Becoming more aware of the conditions of his childhood, he has begun to seek the truth.
Director: Noémi Veronika Szakonyi
Director of Photography: Márton Vízkelety, Máté Artur Vincze
Producer: Tamás Hutlassa, Julianna Ugrin
Produced by: Szilánkok Film Kft.
Sound Mixer: Dániel Bőhm, Szabolcs Gáspár, István Baranyai
Editor: Anna Vághy
Composer: Szabolcs Mátyássy
SUPPORTED BY The hungarian national film institute
& Sundance institute